Sunday, March 14, 2010

Thou/Salome split - Our Enemy Civilization (2009)

I had the privilege of picking this up from Salome personally when they came through NYC last Thursday. Let me first talk about that show.

SALOME IS FUCKING AWESOME. To see a band like this live is to experience how they are supposed to be heard. No high end stereo system can compare to it. Somehow, Rob Moore is able to get crushingly low frequencies out of his guitar, which leaves no need for a bassist. That's right, a sludge band with NO BASSIST. He also manages to write some of the grooviest riffs I have heard while keeping it crushing (see: With Hell For a Mouth from this release). Drummer, Aaron Deal reinforces this with rock solid skin thumping accentuated with quick passages that hit like a hook you never saw coming. Finally, singer Katherine Katz is a demon. There is no way a mere mortal of her stature (5'1" I believe) can shriek and growl like she does. Watching her bare her teeth while screaming til she was red in the face was something I will never forget, and hope to see many more times in the future. They opened for Wolves in the Throne Room and the already legendary Shrinebuilder, but they were easily the best act of the night. They played both tracks from this split, three new ones, and one from their self titled release. Mr. Deal did inform me after the show that they should have a new full length out this summer. Fuck yea.

On this release, we get two tracks each from doomers Thou and Salome. The Thou side is good, but I got this for Salome, as you could probably already tell.

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