Friday, March 19, 2010


We are a divided people. It seems that of the most important things in our lives, debates on healthcare, the economy, climate change, terrorism and war, human rights, civil rights, all the things that will define our age when history looks back at us, we are at odds with one another about.
Where do these disagreements come from? Is this how it has always been? Has there always been an onslaught of misinformation coming from all sides aimed to discredit the opposing views? What makes one view right and another wrong? If there really is a definitive right and wrong out there, for claiming to be an intelligent, rational species we are incredibly irrational; As this would mean a large portion of us fail to see the logical 'truth' on many issues.
This is an incredibly disheartening realization. I have many questions and very little answers. But it is my objective to come to terms with this dichotomy.

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