Saturday, March 6, 2010


What am I doing here? I'm blogging.

About what, you may ask? Whatever I feel like. Isn't that the spirit of the blog? But as of right now, I see this as a place to collect and my thoughts and ideas on the issues that I torture my brain with on a daily basis.

The motive of writing this is my desire to have my voice out there where all can hear. For two long the questions I ask, problems I see, ideas I have, and solutions I present have been limited to being heard through personal conversations with friends and acquaintances. It is time for what I have to say to get lost amongst the countless other blogs populating the wonderful world of the internet.

I am also an avid listener of off the beaten path music, indie if you will, but not indie music as the mainstream defines it. My plan is to also post links to download the awesome things that I listen to, as well as talk about the cool bands that I see at all the concerts I attend. This will at least give a better chance for the music lovers and pirates out there to stumble upon this bullshit.

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