Monday, April 19, 2010


I bring forth two pieces of work I acquired over the weekend in celebration of record store day (aka we invented this holiday so you spend your goddamn money on us day). Here they are:


I had heard of this band many a time before, but I never took the time to check them out. When I saw this nice package for six bucks, I decided now was the time to finally look into them. I was not disappointed.

What we get here are three tracks: Gravelord, off their 2008 album An Overdose of Death, as well as two previously unreleased tracks, 666 and Suicide Eye. The result is just under six minutes of satanic sack kicking thrash sure to get your head banging from beginning to end.

A Storm of Light & Nadja [split] - Primitive North

At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this. A Storm of Light struck me as being a bad Neurosis rip off, but given that guitarist/vocalist/visionary behind this outfit, Josh Graham, spends some of his time working on the visual end of Neurosis' live act and album art, it is probably better said that this is an extension of the collective mind that is Neurosis. Their contributions to this split, the tracks Brother and Sister, exemplify this through the slow, crushing riffs and dark ambiance that alternate from one to the other over the course of side one.
Nadja, on the other hand, is a two piece set hailing from Canada, delivering an epic 20+ minute trance inducing drone composition titled, I Make From Your Eyes the Sun. I found myself liking this more than I first realized. The fusion of repetitive riffing and plenty of electronic textures has made it a stimulating track I can put on while getting lost in my studies.
The place where this record really shines in on the two remixes each band did. Nadja remixes Brother and ASOL does I Make From Your Eyes... The latter is in my opinion, the best track of them all. Pack a few bowls this 4/20 and see where this sucker takes you.

Toxic Holocaust:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What is truth? pt. 1

Truth is something I believe to be altogether objective and subjective at the same time. This may seem at first to be a blatant contradiction, but let me explain.

There exists an ultimate truth in this universe. This is the objective truth, that which cannot be disproven, as it is the embodiment of whatever it is being debated. An example of this would be the statement "We exist." If this were not true, we wouldn't be here to contemplate whether it is or not. This is Truth.

Where then, does truth become subjective? In most everything else, I would answer. The subjective truth is a product of one's perspective. A product of what one sees, feels, hears, smells, tastes, and understands. It is easy to understand perspective in a spatial sense, but what does it mean when I say that it is a product of one's understanding? For one, perspective of understanding is not opinion. Opinion is something to be had when truth isn't relevant, such as when I say "Opeth's third album was their best one." In the debate about which Opeth album is the best, it comes down to personal preference; there is no truth, therefore the notion of truth is irrelevant.

Perspective is something you hold to be true, but really might not be on the larger scale of things. For instance, the classical mechanics of motion were once considered to be Truth, but when Einstein proposed his theories of special and general relativity, it became evident that the laws guiding classical mechanics were really simplified approximations of those in relativity. My point here is the things you may consider to be true are not in fact Truth. Another perspective may fall upon your mind that forces you to change what you believe about the world.

I plan on expanding on this topic much more, but I need to get some things straightened out first, as even this short bit turned out to be quite difficult to write down in a manner I feel comfortable I won't be misunderstood.
Also, April 17th is Record Store Day, so go out and support a local independent business in celebration, I will be (which also means a new rip will likely be posted soon).